Smith and Wesson Small Collapsible Baton - $34.99

Easier to use and less conspicuous than a bulky nightstick, the Smith & Wesson Small Collapsible Baton is one of the more practical self defense weapons you can carry. Constructed of STKM11A carbon steel for durability, with the flick of a wrist one can easily deter a threating situation. The Smith & Wesson Small Collapsible Baton comes with a pocket clip and hand-held sheath. Well-balanced, compact, and easy to use, this batons provides extra reach to keep a safe distance between you and an attacker-perfect to carry while jogging or hiking, and a great self defense weapon to have in a handbag, or vehicle in localities that prohibit carrying a firearm. Overall extended length: 12.1inch.Well-balanced, strong collapsible baton. Easy to carry, quick to deploy. Extends with a flick of the wrist. Made of STKM11A carbon steel. Provides extra reach between you and the threat - $34.99