Slingshot T-Rex Wakesurfer 4ft 7in - $265.95

The flat nose of the T-Rex is a progressive new design in the world of surfing, so it only made sense to bring the concept into our lineup. With the flat nose you get the best of both worlds: the performance and carvability of a short board plus the speed and buoyancy of a larger board which is crucial for moving around the wave and maintaining an endless ride.* Beginner to Advanced * Fins: Aggressive 5 fin setup: 4 x 3.625in 1x 3.8in white. FCS Compatible Fin Boxes. Plastic fins. * Sizing / Rider Weight: 4ft 7in - 75 lbs to 200 lbs (34 kg to 91 kg), 5ft 0in - 100 lbs to 225 lbs (45 kg to 102 kg) - $265.95


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