Slash Straight Snowboard 161 - $313.95

Riding this board my very first time on contest day of the supernatural debut in canada and taking second place with it was much more than proof of having created the right board. The directional shape concept is the techs redline. A partially stiffer tail than nose is fine tuned with our backseat camRock, on top of that the well placed setback stance. The ultimate traction bump in the deep center of the sidecut enhances edge pressure for more control and more reactivity especially in variable conditions. The Slick Tip profile on the nose also dampens vibrations and provides a unique, light feel in turn transitions, due to its reduced thickness.Key Features of the Slash Park Snowboard: Twin shape - twin flex CamRock Centered stance Pop core Reactive flex Ultimate traction bumps Tip protectors Sintered base - diamond finish (fastest, most durable base available due to high-density carbon molecular) - $313.95