Silver Horde Tinsel Squid - $5.49

Developed by Captain Kasutaro Yamashita to increase the catch on his tuna boat, these squids offer lifelike details, high-visibility flash, fish-attracting action and unique plastic construction. Kasutaro got the inspiration for these baits while he was shipwrecked and watching fish bite at little bits of plastic floating in the water. He challenged plastics scientists to create a material that would be soft and thin enough to look natural, but strong and elastic enough to survive a heavy strike. Kasutaro also demanded this material look lifelike in cold and warm water. The scientists succeeded on all counts, and Kasutaros baits have been putting fish in the boat since the 1940s. Per each. Size: 4-1/2. Colors: (012)Purple Haze, (015)Pink, (139)Glow/Fluorescent Spatterback, (140)Glow/Chartreuse Spatterback, (144)Glow/Blue Spatterback. Color: Silver. Type: Trolling Lures & Rigs. - $5.49


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