Shimano Orca - Chartreuse (6 1) - $24.99

Swimming like an injured fish, the Orca fools big biters like few lures can. The pop and dive and side-to-side action is true to life and incredibly successful in getting fish to strike. Unique aerodynamic design creates longer, smoother casts. Durable, stainless wire-through construction and ultrasharp, high-tensile-strength treble hooks for maximum holding power. Per each. Sizes: Model 160JE 6-1/3, 2 oz. Model 190JE 7-1/2, 3 oz. Colors: (270)Blue Sardine, (287)Green Mack, (294)Black Silver, (317)Clear Silver, (324)Pink Silver, (526)Ghost Fish, (928)Chartreuse Back. Size: 6 1. Color: Chartreuse. Type: Saltwater Topwater Baits. - $24.99