SHE Outdoor Bone-Dry Bayou Zip Waterproof Snake Boots for Ladies - $149.99

Venom-packed fangs can't penetrate our 100% snakeproof boots! Forget about the ill-tempered diamondbacks or foul-mouthed copperheads, with our 13inch SHE Outdoor Bone-Dry Bayou Zip Waterproof Snake Boots for Ladies, you're snakeproof! The full-grain waterproof leather and nylon upper and 100% waterproof Bone-Dry construction keeps your feet dry no matter what, while delivering all-day walking comfort and extra resistance from wet conditions. The dual density polyurethane mini-lug outsole sticks to terrain, but won't collect mud. Heel flex notches and a removable polyurethane insole provide flexibility and extra comfort. Non-insulated. Zippered closure for easy on/easy off. Average height: 13inch. Average weight per pair 4.1 lbs. Imported.Comfortable, waterproof protection from snakes. Full grain, waterproof leather and nylon upper100% breathable waterproof BONE DRY technology inside. Dual density poly mini-lug outsole. Heel flex notches. Removable polyurethane insole for extra cushioning and comfort. Zippered closure - $149.99


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