Shakespeare Panfish Tackle Box Kit - $14.99

The Shakespeare Panfish Tackle Box Kit contains fishing essentials every panfish angler needs to put more fish in the pan. Included are 1.5inch Berkley Power. Bait Power Grubs in the ever popular chartreuse color. Also included are long shank and baitholder panfish hooks, split shots, jigheads, beetle spins, plus the traditional red and white bobbers. Better still, all this comes packed in its own utility box to keep everything organized and always at the ready. Imported.Power. Bait: 1.5inch power grubs (chartreuse)Five - #8 long shank panfish hooks. Five - #8 baitholder panfish hooks. Five - large split shots. Two - 1/16-oz. jigheads. Two - 1/8-oz. & 1/16-oz. beetle spins with silver blade. Four - 1inch red and white bobbers. One - utility box (Size: 11inch x 5inch x 1.5inch) - $14.99


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