Severne Glide Windsurf Sail 7.5 Black/Yellow - $487.16

The GLIDE has been redesigned for 2009 with the goal of increasing the top end stability whilst maintaining its light wind, powerhouse reputation. The deep, powerful profile and the high tension leech promotes the earliest planing possible. The use of our unique e2 technology means it's still the lightest in it's class whilst not compromising durability. This sail benefits from simple rigging where tuning is less critical to bring out maximum performance.Key Features of the Severne Glide Windsurf Sail 7.5: Size: 7.5 Luff: 490 Boom: 216 Cams: 3 Head: Fixed Recommended Mast: RED Line 460 Compatible Mast: BLUE Line 460 - $487.16