Seaguar Tatsu Fluorocarbon Line - $60.99

Seaguar Tatsu is an amazingly supple, fluorocarbon line that offers extraordinary knot strength, exceptional castability, and Seaguar's state-of-the-art Double Structure construction process. Created from two custom, 100% fluorocarbon resins, Tatsu has a softer exterior resin which enhances knot strength and a high-density interior resin that improves tensile strength. The innovative Double Structure process results in a high-performance fluorocarbon line that offers anglers tremendous application flexibility. Tatsu can be spooled on spinning and baitcast reels as a mainline, tied to braid as an inshore top shot and as a premium leader material. Plus, Tatsu also features Seaguar's Level Wind Technology which spools the line by laying it down side-by-side with no crossover to ensure maximum line strength without line stress or twist.Double Structure fluorocarbon. Remarkable knot and tensile strength. Exceptional castability. Nearly invisible. Level Wind Technology. Ideal for spinning and baitcast reels - $60.99


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