Scientific Anglers Skagit Extreme Multi Tip Loops (400) - $135.00

The extremely short and powerful taper of Scientific Anglers Skagit Extreme line casts heavy sink tips well and quickly loads your rod while the Multi Tip package gives you the versatility to fish several depths without changing spools. Tailored head design compliments any rod size. Suited for two-handed and switch rods. Braided multifilament core remains supple when cold. Comes with .021 shooting line. Multi Tip wallet includes a floating tip with extremely slick Advanced Shooting Technology as well as the following sink tips: type I clear tip (1.5-2 per second), type III Wet Tip (3-5 per second) and type VI Wet Tip (6-8 per second). Tips attach to head easily with a loop-to-loop connection. Size: 400. Color: Multi. - $135.00


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