ScentMaster Scent Control Box - $299.99

Beating the nose of your prey is no small feat but the Scent. Master Scent Control Box is a great way to increase your odds by reducing or eliminating odor. The Scent. Master storage box uses its sealing capability and replaceable activated carbon filters to protect your gear from the elements while also preventing and removing foreign scent and inhibiting odor-causing moisture. This lightweight, rugged and robust 30inch. W x 24inch. H x 18inch. D scent control box means you have plenty of room to store all of your odor-absorbing gear. The Scent. Master Scent Control Box is powered by 110-volt electricity and includes timer adjustability from 1 min. to 3 hrs. Weight: 28 lbs. Made in USA.Lightweight, durable and portable scent control box. Powered by standard 110-volt electricity. Measures 30inch. W x 24inch. H x 18inch. DRemoves foreign odors and odor-causing moisture. Timer adjustability from 1 minute to 3 hours. Replaceable activated carbon filters - $299.99