Savage Gear 3D Line-Thru Trout - $18.99

It's hard to tell this soft plastic swimbait from live bait. Based on 3D scans of a hatchery trout, Savage Gear's 3D Line-Thru Trout is reinforced with nylon mesh to offer a unique silent, line-thru soft plastic jointed swimbait. The top hook line-thru design allows this bait to be fished around heavy cover and throughout the entire water column. A special slot in the bait's harness anchors the hook in the harness-not the soft plastic body. Therefore, the hook won't tear through the soft body material on casts or hooksets.Based on 3D scans of a real trout with detailed fin and facial details. Line-thru design lets the bait slide up the line when the fish is hooked. Available in 3 sink rates: Floating, slow sink, and sinking. Tapered tail for micro movement on drift and slow retrieves. Nylon mesh throughout the joint sections prevent tearing - $18.99