Saltwater Xi5-55 / SW Trolling Motor with Pinpoint GPS - $1,079.99

MotorGuide Saltwater Xi5 Trolling Motor with Pinpoint GPS. Engineered for anglers, with easy-to-use, ultra-precise GPS navigation! Why turn fishing into rocket science? Pinpoint GPS makes holding your position - or finding a new one-push-button easy.Navigate Your Boat with Pinpoint GPS Accuracy:Pinpoint uses an ultra-precise GPS receiver and precision control algorithms for incredibly accurate performance. A compact, easy-to-use remote controls these Pinpoint features: Anchor Holds boat position on a fixed GPS coordinate Stores and recalls up to 8 positions While in Anchor mode, the directional controls can be used to move the boat in 5-foot increments in any direction Heading Lock Navigates the boat to a specific compass heading Route Record and playback up to 8 routes of up to four miles each Cruise Control Hold a GPS speed while navigating a heading or route What else does theXi5 Trolling Motor have to offer? Plenty. It's reliable, quiet, easy to use and power-packed! Take a look and learn why it's the fisherman's choice!All-New Composite Shaft:The new composite shaft can take on any and all obstructions that get in its way. It'll bend, but won't break. That's why it's backed with a lifetime warranty.Powerful Dual Blade Propeller:A 2-blade beast with maximum power and weed-busting toughnessSophisticated Steering Transmission:From its ball bearings that reduce friction and wear, to custom seals that keep water and dust out, to an extra-rigid shaft support tube the Xi5 steering transmission delivers dependable, quiet, precise performance.Fully-Protected Electronics:The high-efficiency electronics are fully encapsulated in a high-tech coating, making them impervious to water and dust. There's also a protection circuit that prevents lower unit damage if the prop is stalled.Status Indicators at a Glance:The Xi5 uses LED lights in the controller so anglers can quickly check the status of four key functions in any light conditions. The battery power indicator uses diff - $1,079.99


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