Salt Life Tortola Polarized Sunglasses - $149.99

Salt Life Tortola Polarized Sunglasses feature sleek, aerodynamic styling and top technology so you can live an active lifestyle without sacrificing eye protection from harmful sun. Featuring Zeiss polarized polycarbonate lenses, 100% UV defense, and a streamlined TR90 frame that is handmade in Italy, these sunglasses are created to give you true color perception on the water. A 5-layer AR (Anti-Reflective) coating is applied to the back of each lens to reduce bounce-back glare and eliminate all ghost images. On the front of each lens, a protective Ri-pel coating creates a scratch-resistant finish to resist water, dirt, salt, and oil. Salt Life Tortola Polarized Sunglasses are lightweight and durable, and stay comfortably in place during long hours on the water thanks to the embedded, nonslip nose pads.Zeiss polarized polycarbonate lenses reduce glare and eyestrain100% UV protection. AR5 back-of-lens treatment. Ri-pel front-of-lens repellent seal for clear vision. Sleek plastic TR90 frames with embedded nonslip nose pads - $149.99