Sako Hammerhead Centerfire Rifle Cartridges - $30.99

Sako uses only the finest components for their Centerfire Rifle Ammunition. To meet the needs of your specific type of hunting or shooting Sako manufactures ammunition with several types of bullets-all of their ammunition features Sako?s premium reloadable brass. Their Hammerhead bullets have a jacket bonded to their lead core, specially designed to prevent core separation and allow controlled mushrooming for excellent stopping power. The Super Hammerhead is also a bonded bullet designed for high weight retention, and superb penetration, with the added boat-tailed design for high-ballistic efficiency and flatter trajectory. Sako?s Arrowhead is a ballistically advanced big game bullet manufactured for Sako by Nosler using their proven Ballistic Tip. This bullet has a polymer tip and a super high ballistic coefficient that delivers ultra-flat trajectory and rapid expansion on big game, even at long range. Sako?s high manufacturing standards produce consistent, premium Centerfire Rifle Ammunition for all species of big game in any environment.Choose from a variety of bullets for specific hunting situations. Only the finest powders and primers used. Premium reloadable brass - $30.99