SA Sports Empire Beowulf Crossbow 360 FPS - $359.99

We all know that hunting can be expensive. If you have the wrong gear, the perfect shot can turn into the regret of a lifetime. That's why we teamed with SA Sports to bring you this value-packed Empire Beowulf Crossbow. It's equipped with all the bells and whistles of a high-end, far more expensive crossbow, but the Empire Beowulf comes in a price that won't completely destroy your budget. It's also one of the quietest Crossbows on the market, yet it slings bolts at a blistering 360 F.P.S. for real knockdown power. And if that wasn't enough, we packaged the Beowulf Crossbow together with all the accessories you need to go from your living room to the tree stand.Radical CNC machined cams with 65% let-off for easy aiming and releasePrecision trigger assembly with a silky-smooth, 3.5-lb. trigger pullAnti dry-fire trigger protects you from shooting the crossbow without a bolt in placeAmbidextrous auto safety makes it easy for both left and right-handed people to shootMachined aluminum and adjustable string stoppers help dampen vibration and noiseLightweight, high-performance synthetic rear stock and barrel make it easy to carry to and from your tree standIntegrated full-barrel Picatinny rail for adding tactical accessoriesAdjustable Picatinny mount fore grip Side-mounted ClawTM quick-detach quiver for carrying your boltsIncludes 4x32 multi-range scope, 3 carbon bolts (20"l.), rope cocking device and hex keysFor a value-packed Crossbow that won't cost you an arm and a leg... there's no better option than the SA Sports Empire Beowulf Crossbow. Order yours today! - $359.99


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