River2Sea Dahlberg Series Clackin Crayfish - $12.99

At rest, a lot of lures look like a crayfish, but they don't move like a crayfish. The River2Sea Dahlberg Series Clackin' Crayfish, designed by Larry Dahlberg, not only looks like a crayfish but this lure's hinged lip appears to actually grab water and pull the bait forward-just like a real crayfish! On free fall, the Clackin' Crayfish even sinks like a real crayfish! Accelerate this lure and feel the kick through your rod tip. Fish the Clackin' Crayfish like a jig, or swim it along the bottom. Fish it on drops, flats or weedlines. Crawl it, stroke it, swim it, rip it, let it fall. Fish this versatile lure just like a real crayfish. But, above all else, hang onto your rod, because bass think this thing is REAL! Includes one rigged body plus one spare trailer head.Looks and moves like a real crayfish. Hinged lip appears to pull the bait forward. Feel the kick through your rod tip - $12.99


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