Rio Streamer Tip Fly Line - $52.47

The new Rio Streamer Tip Fly Lines are a must-have if you like throwing big streamers tight to the banks from a drift boat or raft. They are available in two different sink speeds and a wide range of trout-appropriate sizes, so that you can pick the one that is best suited for streamer fishing on your favorite river. The short, heavy head loads the rod quickly, reducing the need for false casting so that you can hit every spot and fish more efficiently. Rio's proprietary cold water coating eliminates line memory - even in frigid water - and the welded loops make for speedy rigging at the beginning of the day. Add a new Streamer Tip Fly Line from Rio to your favorite streamer rig and you will see why it is the ultimate fly line for throwing the big bugs. Short, powerful head to load at close range Aggressive front taper easily casts large streamers Welded loops for super fast rigging . - $52.47


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