Redhead Reality Series Northern Shoveler Decoys - $59.99

Stunning realism with ultra durable paint and materials. Multi-layer paint process for realistic look. Durable one-piece design. Weight forward keel provides lifelike movement in the water6-pack includes 3 resting drakes and 3 resting hens Our award-winning master carvers focused on posture, color and feather detail to create these masterful Red. Head Reality Series Gadwall Decoys. Combine this stunning realism with the incredibly durable multi-layered paint process, and you have the absolute best value available in duck decoys. The one-piece body and keel system offers superior durability, while the weight-forward keel with multiple tie-off points provide lifelike movement in any water conditions. Add a mix of Northern Shoveler Decoys to the rest of your dabbler spread for superior realism that will bring ducks in close to you. Set includes 3 resting drakes and 3 resting hens. - $59.99