RedHead 3D Evolution Hunting Pants for Men - $39.99

Vanish into the background of your favorite hunting spot with the silhouette-eliminating concealment of the Red. Head 3D Evolution Hunting Pant. Made of a lightweight, comfortable, and quiet 100% polyester fabric, this easy-wearing hunting pant provides ultimate concealment with its 3D camo design. 3D Evolution camo utilizes leaf cutouts for ultra realistic depth that diffuses light to take popular camo patterns to their highest level of precision and flexibility. Features an elastic waistband for snug comfort. Machine wash and dry. Imported.Match your hunting environment for ultra concealment3D Evolution camo design - ultra realistic depth from cutouts diffuses light. Lightweight, comfortable, and quiet 100% polyester construction. Elastic waistband. The Red. Head 3D Evolution Hunting Jacket for Men is sold separately and can be found through item search for number 1210311145 - $39.99


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