RedHead 3D Evolution Hunting Jackets for Men - $49.99

Vanish into the background of your favorite hunting spot with the silhouette-eliminating concealment of the Red. Head 3-D Evolution Hunting Jacket. Made of a lightweight, comfortable, and quiet 100% polyester fabric, this easy-wearing men's jacket provides ultimate concealment with its 3-D camo design. 3-D Evolution camo utilizes leaf cutouts for ultra realistic depth that diffuses light to take popular camo patterns to their highest level of precision and flexibility. Jacket features elastic cuffs and a full-zip front. Side slits allow you to easily access clothing underneath the jacket. Machine wash and dry. Imported.Match your hunting environment for ultra concealment3-D Evolution camo design - ultra realistic depth from cutouts diffuses light. Lightweight, comfortable, and quiet 100% polyester construction. Elastic cuffs. Full-zip front. Side slits for easy access to clothing underneath jacket. The Red. Head 3-D Evolution Hunting Pants for Men are sold separately and can be found through item search for number 1956603 - $49.99


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