RCBS X-Die Full Length Sizer Die 7mm Remington - $49.99

RCBS X-Die Full-length Sizer Die 7mm Remington cuts out excess trimming. Repeated trimming? NOT! After the initial sizing and trimming of a case the die is controlling stretching. Now trimming is an unnecessary part of reloading. It's all due to a special mandrel. Excess trimming after an initial trim of .020" off the maximum case length. In a nutshell, the mandrel contacts the case mouth during sizing and reduces the growth rate. Due to an extremely close tolerance between the mandrel and die neck wall, the neck wall of the case does not thicken as the case length is pushed back. Cases repeatedly sized in the X-Die will initially grow a few thousandths of an inch, then stabilize below the maximum case length with no concerning loss of accuracy or case life. Shellholder sold separately.Look:Material is steel Includes molded storage case Sizes and decaps Die limits the growth of the overall length of the case Uses regular decapping pins - $49.99


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