RCBS Small Base .223 Remington 2-Die Set - $44.99

RCBS Small Base .223 Remington 2-Die Set. Serious re-loaders demand serious quality. Nobody's more serious about quality than RCBS - leaders in the re-loading game for over 60 years. Their Small Base Sizer Dies are key for reloading ammunition to be used in automatic, semi-automatic, pump, slide and some lever-action rifles. These dies size the body of cases somewhat smaller in diameter and also set the shoulder back slightly more than a full-length sizer die so you get the proper function for the actions of your rifles.Small Base Set includes:Small base sizer with expander-decapping unit Regular seater die with seater plug Plastic storage case Steel construction RCBS lifetime guarantee NOTE: Not recommended for ammunition used in bolt-action rifles. - $44.99


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