RCBS Shell Holder #10 - $6.99

RCBS Shell Holder #10 grips your cases securely during reloading! With this RCBS Shell Holder #10, you won't have sizing or headspace problems during reloading! Crafted from high-quality steel and to the industry's tightest tolerances, this Shell Holder provides a firm grip on the case to ensure trouble-free reloading. Guaranteed to fit all major brands of reloading presses!Features:Crafted from high-quality steel Provides a firm grip on cases for hassle-free reloading Fits:.17 Remington .17 Remington Fireball .204 Ruger .221 Remington Fireball .222 Remington .223 Remington Magnum 6mm x 45 7mm Thompson / Center Ugalde .300 AAC Blackout .380 Auto Pistol 9mm x 18 Ultra. - $6.99


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