RCBS 90302 Trim Pro Case Trimmer Shell Holder #2 (.30-30 Win. .307 Win. etc.) - $7.99

RCBS Trim Pro Case Trimmer Shell Holder #2 (.30-30 Winchester, .307 Winchester, etc.). Custom Shell Holders firmly hold your cases in perfect alignment with the cutter for precise results. This system allows for accurate and repeatable case trimming lengths and leaves the case mouths square to the body. Works with RCBS Trim Pro Manual and Power Case Trimmers.Fits the following calibers:.22 Savage High-power .25 / 35 Win. 6.5x55mm Swedish Mauser 7-30 Waters .30-30 Win. .307 Win. 7.5x54mm French MAS 7.5x55mm Schmidt-Rubin .32 Win. Spec. .32-40 Win. .356 Win. .375 Win. .38-55 Win. - $7.99