RCBS 87320 Digital Micrometer - $149.99

RCBS Digital Micrometer. Precise, easy-to-read exterior measurements in an instant! An absolute must-have for loaders looking for precise exterior case dimensions. Very easy to use, and switches from inches to millimeters with the touch of a button. And the large, easy-to-read numbers eliminate guesswork.The details:Range: 0-1" / 0-25mm Accuracy: +/- 0.001" / 0.025mm Resolution: 0.0005" / 0.01mm Enameled metal body with matte finished, non-glare thimble Adjusts to zero at any position Thimble lock for quick measuring of like objects Auto shut-down after 5 minutes for longer battery life Includes battery and fitted storage case. Essential reloading supplies at a downright affordable price... order yours ONLINE today! - $149.99