RCBS .270 Winchester 2-Die Neck Sizer Set - $44.99

RCBS .270 Winchester 2-Die Neck Sizer Set. Serious re-loaders demand serious quality. Nobody's more serious about quality than RCBS-leaders in the re-loading game for over 60 years. Their Neck Sizer Dies size only the neck of case (not the shoulder or body) - just enough to snugly hold the bullet. The result? Longer case life and increased accuracy, as the shoulder and body left at their fire-formed dimensions. Neck Die Sets consist of a neck sizer die with expander-decapping unit and a regular seater die with seater plug. Bolt-action rifles only.Polished and heat treated steel Plastic storage case RCBS lifetime guarantee. Note: New brass must be full length sized and fired before it can be neck sized - $44.99


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