Rayovac Blood Tracker 4-in-1 LED Headlight - $14.99

Rayovac Blood Tracker 4-in-1 LED headlight. Hands-free illumination for tracking downed game! Tracking made easy! Slip it over your head with the included strap, and you're ready to go. Weather you're walking to your tree stand in the early morning, or tracking a big buck at night, this Rayovac Blood Tracker 4-in-1 LED Clip Light is a must have. It's great for use as a hands-free flashlight or switch it to blood tracking mode and illuminate specs of blood for easy trailing. Features:Durable ABS housing is compact and lightweight 4 modes: bright (70 lumens), blood tracking, night vision (red led), and emergency (red flashing) Runtime: 3 hours on bright, 20 hours on blood tracking, 22 hours on night vision, and 70 hours on red flashing Lamp head pivots to shine it exactly where you need light 5-LED bulbs Adjustable head strap for hands-free lighting Runs on 3 AAA batteries (included). Order yours ONLINE today! - $14.99