Rapala Saltwater X-Rap Lures - $10.99

Rapala's adrenaline-pumping Saltwater X-Rap Lures have had a huge impact on the way anglers target almost every kind of saltwater species. Built to withstand the onslaught of saltwater giants, the extreme X-Rap slashbaits produce an aggressive, hard-cutting, darting action that drives every fish to strike. Integrated long casting system partners with the X-Rap's irresistible rattle to make them even more tempting. Complete with VMC Perma Steel Hooks. Run from 3' to 8'.Effective slashbait action. Textured translucent body. Internal holographic foil finish. Lifelike 3D holographic eye. Internal long-cast system. VMC Perma Steel Hooks - $10.99


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