Rapala BX Minnow - $10.99

Constructed with a balsa body inside and a durable co-polymer shell, the Rapala BX Minnow gives anglers the option to fish a balsa-style action in the most extreme, rugged conditions. Two of this lure's strongest features are its action and its durability. Flat-sided, the lure exhibits a strong flash when rolled. Sporting incredibly lifelike finishes, the BX Minnow boasts the traditional attributes of Rapala balsa baits combined with the heavy-duty toughness that's essential when fighting large, toothy fish. Other features include: a molded 3-D head, gills and scales; 3-D holographic eyes; and black nickel VMC treble hooks.Balsa body inside. Durable co-polymer shell. Molded 3-D head, gills and scales. Internal X-foil. Flat-sided with strong flash on roll. Black nickel VMC hooks. Floating. Incredible lifelike finishes3-D holographic eyes - $10.99


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