Ranger 515 CL Compass - $59.95

The Ranger Compass from Silva is a navigation tool that you should never leave home without especially when you're venturing into the woods. It's easy to lose your bearings as you're hiking. You tend to look around and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. You can easily get back on track with this handy compass. PRODUCT FEATURES: Large sighting mirror with tilted open V-sight allows quick acquisition and accurate bearings to distant landmarks Easy-to-use declination adjustment, clinometer, map magnifier, 1/20 inch and millimeter rules, 1:24k, 1:25k, and 1:50k scales Enlarged easy-grip capsule with enhanced dial numbers and 2 graduations with luminous points New silicon map grippers and improved lanyard All scales have two color printing for easy reading Dimensions: 4" x 21.5" Wt: 2.3 oz 370450 , Silva Ranger 515 CL Compasses , Silva compasses , Silva navigation , Silva navigation compass , Silva navigation tools , Silva compass tools , Silva hiking tools , hiking , backpacking , compasses , navigation , navigating , navigation tools , navigating tools - $59.95


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