RangeMaxx 2-Pass Gun Rope Cleaner - $14.99

Range. Maxx 2-Pass rope bore cleaning system gets powder residue, lead fouling, and carbon buildup out of your barrel for increased accuracy. The Gun Rope Cleaner rolls up to a hand-sized unit that easily carries in a daypack or pocket, so you have it in the field when water, snow, plant debris, or dirt gets in your bore. The 2-Pass system incudes one feed line with a caliber specific cleaning brush, and separate, washable finishing rope that can be used after the brush has passed the bore, or alone to dry out rain or snow, or for a light maintenance lubrication at the end of the day. With the Range. Maxx Gun Rope Cleaner you won?t risk marring or scratching your bore like you do with steel cleaning rods, and it?s convenient to always have on hand.Gets out powder residue, lead fouling, and carbon buildup. Easily carries in a daypack or pocket. Will not mar or scratch your bore - $14.99