Randolph Engineering Ranger Edge Shooting Glasses - $245.00

Engineered in collaboration with some of the best optical designers in the shooting industry, these glasses will bring your vision to new levels while protecting your eyes on the range. Sporting a distinct angular cut and sleek experience, the look also reduces weight. Decreased distance between the lenses improve overall optic performance. Available: Clays Package Specially made to enhance the vision of trap, skeet and sporting-clays shooters. Three standard lens tints include Medium Yellow, Vermillion and Dark Purple. Hunt/Fish Package Includes three lens tints to improve your vision when youre hunting or fishing. Comes with Medium Yellow, Orange and Copper polarized lenses. CMT Lens Pair ColorMag (CMT) lenses intensify the appearance of orange targets against any background. They allow you to see up to 250% more orange light than standard lenses without affecting other colors. - $245.00