RAD Block Massage Tool Accessories Massage Tools - $29.00

RAD Block Massage Tool. The RAD Block isn't your typical massage or mobility tool. Not by a long shot. This multi-purpose prop kicks things up a notch (make that two) with features that secure and store the RAD Roller (item # RR-ROLL) and RAD Rounds (item # RR-RNDS). The RAD Block is designed to provide stable leverage for more targeted release, but its added height also makes RAD tools easier to use for people with more limited mobility. From folks recovering from injuries and those with minimal flexibility to exercise and bodywork beginners, the RAD Block makes relief accessible to all. The RAD Block has specially shaped slots (or dimples) to hold your RAD Roller in place and raise it to a more comfortable height so you can finally reach the untouchables. Together, these two tools make a killer combination for releasing areas like the adductors, groin, inner shoulders, and trigger points in the calves. The RAD Block also has slots to hold your RAD Rounds when you're dealing with particularly tight, picky insertion points that are too small for the RAD Roller. You'll reach stellar levels of powerful release when you have the leverage you need to tackle your upper hamstrings, peroneals, and calves Furthermore, the RAD Block doubles as a compact carrier for your favorite RAD tools. Just turn the Block to its side to find the convenient storage holes where you can safely stow your RAD Roller and RAD Rounds so you can take your whole set wherever you go. - $29.00


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