Pulsar 1800 PSI Electrical Pressure Washer - $199.99

Pulsar 1,800 PSI Electrical Pressure Washer. Blast away dirt, grim and crud! Car in need of a wash? How about your deck? And what about that side of your house that always gets a little dingy? Turn this Pulsar Pressure Washer loose and watch the magic in action! Pumps out an adjustable spray at 1,800 PSI to clean even the toughest grime. It's the fast, easy way to get tough cleaning jobs done! Features:Max rated pressure: 1,800 PSI Rated flow: 1.6 G.P.M. 25' high-pressure hose gives you plenty of room to maneuver Sprayer with adjustable nozzle Aluminum handle for easy portability Soap bottle 35' UL-approved power cord 2-way connector Weighs 20 lbs. - $199.99


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