Pro-Cure 8-oz. Bait Oil - $15.99

Thanks to the introduction of UV enhancement, fish can both see and smell Pro Cure Bait Oil, which greatly enhances the chances they will bite. Size: 8 fl. oz. Available: Bloody Tuna This blend of real, ground-up dark tuna meat, bloody tuna powder and tuna oil creates a deadly fish-catching concoction. Excellent for enhancing your salmon, marlin, sailfish and wahoo baits. Herring Made of premium herring oil. Marinate or inject directly into your salmon baits. Kenai Cocktail Ground-up salmon eggs, sardines, herring, shrimp, squid oils and amino acids make this a potent cocktail for catching king salmon. Can be injected into or used as a marinade for cured salmon eggs, wraps, quickfish and strip baits. Butt Juice A powerful scent for bottom dwelling fish such as halibut, sturgeon and ling cod. The blend of fish oils, salmon-egg juice and bite stimulants sinks then breaks up to attract fish from yards away. Type: Attractants. - $15.99


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