Pro Charging Systems Professional Series Onboard Battery Chargers - $359.99

Pro Charging Systems' ''Dual Pro'' Professional Series Onboard Battery Chargers have been the marine standard for the last 20 years. These top of the line Pro Series Onboard Battery Chargers are well known for their ability to consistently bring all batteries to a 100% charge. The waterproof Professional Series chargers are built tough yet compact, and with their advanced self-adjusting (intuitive) microprocessors using Delta. Volt Technology (see below) they provide a 5 stage charge profile with an automatic equalization phase for unmatched performance. With every imaginable safety feature, no mounting restrictions and no risk of ever overcharging, the words ''just plug it in and forget it'' are the perfect description. Additional features include full ignition protection, reverse polarity protection, automatic temperature compensation, fully independent outputs and a 3-year manufacturer's warranty. Made in USA.N2itv (intuitive) 5 stage charge profile using proprietary Deltavolt Technology. Automatic equalization phase. Totally independent 15 amp outputs. Ultra fast charging with long term maintenance mode Ultimate in safety features. Easy to read independent battery status indications5 foot d/c leads and 3 foot power cord. Repairable/Not a throw away unit. Aluminum/Polymer construction ideal for saltwater protection. Delta. Volt Charging Technology is the next generation in smart charging! By incorporating revolutionary, intuitive 5 stage charging technology that was designed, developed and produced in the USA, the Delta. Volt Charging Technology is able to automatically adapt to the charging needs of both cranking and deep cycle batteries and can simultaneously charge a mix of battery sizes completely and safely. Click here for additional information about the Pro Charging Systems Professional Series Onboard Battery Chargers. - $359.99


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