Primos Rack-N-Roll Rattling System Deer Call - $24.99

Mimic the tones, frequencies, and volume of two mature bucks fighting from your stand or blind with the Rack-N-Roll from Primos. Designed and tested in an independent sound lab using a recording of actual fighting between two 140inch bucks, this deer call matches the tones and frequencies produced by mature bucks in battle. Easy to use call features multiple sections of individually tuned nodes to deliver the realistic sound and volume of 2 full sets of antlers coming together. Can be operated with 1 hand, allowing you to keep your gun or bow ready with the other. Quiet and easy to pack. Manufacturer model #: 771.Easy to use deer call reproduces the sound of two full racks slamming together. Lab tested and designed. Individually tuned nodes mimic the tones and frequencies of mature bucks in battle. One handed use. Quiet to carry and easy to pack - $24.99