Primos Chop Sooie Wild Hog Call - $21.99

Reach out with the realistic squeal of a troubled wild hog to bring in other feral swine with the Chop Sooie Wild Hog Call from Primos. Using the strong pack instinct and curious nature of wild hogs, this call reproduces the squeals of both boars and sows to encourage other hogs to come investigate. Combining an easy-to-use mouth call with a long, flexible tube, the Chop Sooie delivers both loud, long range squeals and softer calls for close, short-distance calling. Made in USA. Manufacturer model #: 368.Use wild hogs' natural instincts against them on your next hog hunt. Produces realistic squeals of a troubled boar or sow. Triggers hogs' strong pack instinct and curious nature. Produces both loud, long range calls and softer, short-distance calls - $21.99


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