Premium Northern Mink Fur - Brown - $79.99

In the early 1800s during the peak of the Fur Trade, beaver and fox pelts trapped in North America were regularly found on the streets of London and Paris. The fur trade was based on pelts destined for the luxury market. Today, these premium-grade furs will give your home or cabin an outdoors touch without having to travel far. All are trapped when the fur is at its prime, ensuring you receive it in the best possible condition. The Premium Northern Mink Fur is an ideal decoration piece for your cabin wall or as a stylish accent to a vest or jacket. The heavy, prime, premium pelt is professionally garment-tanned for a soft silky fur and supple leather. Rich brown color of the mink pelt will undoubtedly attract attention. Overall length averages 26 with an average 4 width. Case tanned. Color: Brown. - $79.99


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