PowerNow Quest Back-up Cell Phone Battery with Flashlight & Lantern - $29.99

PowerNow Quest Rechargeable Back-up Cell Phone Battery holds its charge for a whole year! SAVE BIG! The PowerNow Quest can fully charge your iPhone or Android phone in just 3 hours... even if it's been sitting in your glove box for a year! Patented SmartJack technology helps the PowerNow Quest seal in power for over a year, while others can only hold it for a few months, if that. For roadside emergencies, even everyday use, this is a smart idea.Stranded at the drive-in? Never again:Will fully charge an iPhone or Android phone in about 3 hrs., and can charge 1 1/2 times before requiring a recharge Recharges via USB / AC adapter (included) in about 6 hrs. SmartJack technology helps it seal in power for over a year Incorportated 160-lumen flashlight and 8-LED lantern functions make it super-handy to keep in the car or while camping No overload, no overcharge, no overhear, no reverse charge Rechargeable 2400mAh lithium-ion battery. Weighs just 3 1/2 ozs. Comes fully charged and ready to go. State Color, as available in the Shopping Cart below. For power anywhere, order ONLINE now! - $29.99