CVA PowerBelt Speed-Clip Loading System - $7.99

Cool air and crunching leaves fuel your fire during a late-season muzzleloader hunt. There he is, the buck of a lifetime, Mr. Wallhanger. You pull up with practiced precision and fire. Everything went right, but sometimes the situation demands a follow-up shot. That's where PowerBelt's Speed-Clip Loading System comes in. This handy tool is convenient to carry, easy to access in field situations, and lets you load those extra shots with incredible speed. The Clip consists of three loading tubes that hold your favorite PowerBelt bullet and pelletized-powder charge. It also holds four 209 primers for fast re-capping. The unit attaches to your belt, sling or can be carried on a lanyard around your neck. No more fumbling around when you need to reload fast. Speed-Clip only. Sling sold separately. - $7.99


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