Pot Shot 3 - $29.95

Pot Shots are simple but effective tool for escaping keeper potholes. Fill em with sand, tie a rope to em, and toss em past the difficulty. Works great, when they work. For them to work, the far lip needs geometry that holds the Pot Shot, either by constriction or by counter-balance. Toss BEFORE you enter the pothole. Put in just enough sand to get the job done, so you can make the throw. Have the lightest person climb the rope extra-gently. When tossed from quite high, the bags CAN burst on impact. Avoid this. Carry extra bags. At some potholes, 2 or 3, or even 4 Pot Shots will be required. If sand is not available, try skuzzy pothole water in waterbottles, full. Pot Shots can be stacked as an anchor, but this is pretty dodgy. Pot Shots are useful for bringing sand to a SandTrap, and as emergency camp booties. The Pot Shot comes in a variety of colors. Please call our staff for availability and we will do our best to accomodate you! - $29.95


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