Pocket Guide To Weather Forecasting - $12.95

Have fun and be safe outdoors. Learn to forecast the weather. High-tech laser printing on hard vinyl sheets make this pocket-sized 'how to' guide virtually indestructible and completely portable. Waterproof. Dirtproof. You can even mark up pages with a grease pencil then wipe clean. Spiral binding allows you to fully open the book anywhere and lay it flat. Fully illustrated with easy-to-follow instructions. Index-tabbed pages allow you to quickly access the information you need. 'What you really need to know, when you really need it!' Tabbed sections include: Frequently Used Terms; Quick Forecasting Guidelines; Reading Nature's Signals; Cloud Formations; Forecasting By The Clouds; Forecasting By Cloud Types; Weather Fronts; Forecasting Weather Fronts; Barometric Pressure; Forecast By Wind Direction; Beaufort Wind Velocity; and Effects of Terrain. - $12.95


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