POC Nail Bug Womens Gloves - $39.77

The POC Nail Bug Ski Gloves have a real cool style and will keep your hands toasty warm when you're on the slopes. Made with goat skin leather you'll have incredible durability and excellent grip. It's also flexible and light so you can move your fingers easily and have a strong grip on poles with ease of movement. The thin neoprene cuff also ensures ease of mobility and is perforated so that air can get through to keep your fingers dry and warm. If you're looking for a tough glove that can handle anything the mountain dishes out, get your fingers inside the POC Nail Bug Gloves. Neoprene Cuffs, GTIN: 7332522092502, Model Number: 30150 02 S, Product ID: 293538, Model Year: 2012, Glove/Mitten Insulation: Synthetic, Glove Weather Condition: Average, Glove Quality: Better, Touch Screen Capable: No, Down Filled: No, Cuff Style: Under the cuff, Pipe Glove: No, Breathable: Yes, Waterproof: Yes, Glove Outer Fabric: Leather, Wristguards: No, Use: Ski/Snowboard, Type: Glove, Race: No, Battery Heated: No, Warranty: One Year, Material: Goat Skin Leather, Removable Liner: No - $39.77


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