Pieps 30 Degree Plus XT Inclinometer - $79.95

"The 30 Degree Plus XT Inclinometer from Pieps indicates the slope angle and the temperature (in Fahrenheit or Celsius) to support avalanche danger assessment. You can carry this lightweight device in your pack, or easily attach it to any standard ski pole. The shock-absorbing design and replaceable battery, make the Pieps30 Degree Plus XT Inclinometer durable and long-lasting. Shows slope incline and temperature for safety assessment Replaceable battery for longevity This equipment is generally intended for use in unpatrolled backcountry or sidecountry terrain, which involves inherent risks over and above those encountered while alpine skiing within the bounds of a normal ski resort. Buying this equipment does not guarantee your safety. Jans and White Pine Touring cannot be responsible for any injuries, damages, or loss of equipment. It is strongly and highly recommended that all parties traveling outside of managed resort areas have knowledge of current avalanche conditions and are proficient in avalanche rescue. Current avalanche conditions can be found at the Utah Avalanche Center. Please visit the avalanche section of this site for more information on avalanche education and rescue training.""" - $79.95