PetSafe Instant Fence - $269.99

Nothing is better than being able to let your pet run around outside your own home without worry. No fences, no poles, no buried wire, Instant Fence is a simple, easy-to-use, yet effective pet-containment system that will give your pet the freedom to run and play in a wide variety of areas. Offering both safety and portability, this electronic fence can be installed instantly, covering up to 24,000 sq. ft. or a half acre. It emits a constant radio signal around your home to create a safe-zone circle for your pet with up to a 180-ft. diameter. Your pet wears a lightweight, waterproof receiver (2-1/2 x 1-1/4 x 1 -1/4 at 4 oz.) incorporated into a comfortable collar (adjusts from 6 to 28 and is not recommended for dogs less than 8 lbs.) that runs on a 6-volt battery module. The included receiver has five levels of stimulation and a tone-only mode. System comes with a test light as well as a built-in low-battery indicator on the receiver. The fence works on a proximity approach, meaning your dog is free to roam when within range of the base transmitter. When he approaches the boundary of the signal area, the collar emits a warning beep; if he leaves the signal area, he receives a safe but very noticeable correction until he returns. During training, 50 included flags are placed around the determined border. The handler will then walk the dog on lead up to the flags where it will hear the tone then receive stimulation - the dog learns to associate the borders with the uncomfortable stimulation and stays within the safe zone. Flags can later be removed, and the dog will remember the border lines.With a little simple training - about 10 minutes a day for a couple weeks - your dog will quickly learn not to leave the signal area. Instant Fence is completely portable - take it with you wherever you go. Just plug the portable transmitter into any 110-volt outlet, place the collar on your dog, train him to the boundary and let him Gender: Male. Age Group: Adult. - $269.99


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