Persuader Spinner Bait with Echip - White - $6.99

The voltage found in live bait is duplicated by the eChip mounted on this bait's hook. No power source needed and never wears out. Movement generates the charge. Bio-Flex Natures Scales Silicone Skirts and 5/0 long-shank Mustad Ultra point hooks. Available with two willow blades or with a Colorado and willow blade. Made in the USA. Per each. Sizes: 3/8 oz, 1/2 oz.. Colors:(001)White, Willow/Willow (002)White, Colorado/Willow(003)Chartreuse, Willow/Willow(004)Chartreuse/White, Willow/Willow(005)Green Shad, Willow/Willow (006)Green Shad, Colorado/Willow(007)Golden Shad, Willow/Willow (008)Golden Shad, Colorado/Willow(009)Black, Willow/Willow(010)Black, Colorado/Willow Color: White. Type: Spinnerbaits. - $6.99


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