Pelican Single-Pistol Case Black - $39.99

Give your fine firearms the same protection while traveling that the military and professional photographers rely on to keep their valuable gear clean, dry and safe. Certified with NATO, (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) the Pelican Single-Pistol Case meets the standards of both the United States and European military forces. To meet the necessary criteria, the case is subjected to an extensive battery of standardized endurance and quality tests designed to simulate extreme situations. Pelicans innovative open-cell core and solid-wall construction absorbs shock and bumps, so your guns and optics wont. Automatic Purge Valve with a GORE-TEX membrane releases air pressure but keeps moisture out. A waterproof neoprene O-ring seal and a tongue-and-groove fit keeps moisture from penetrating through the opening. New easy-open Double-Throw latches combine a C-clamp with a secondary action that works like a pry bar so they lock tight but release with just a light pull. Color: Black. Color: Black. Type: Hard Cases. - $39.99


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