PEET Odor Eliminator - $69.99

Attacks odors in footwear and more with ozone technology. Designed for use inside footwear, gloves, head wear, and more. Great for hunters, athletes, hikers, anglers, golfers, and more. Creates and distributes ozone throughout shoe or boot. Ozone molecules readily bond with scent molecules, neutralizing them. Enjoy superior scent control in your footwear, gloves, hats, and more with the PEET Odor Eliminator. This easy-to-use, scent controlling machine simply slides into a pair of boots or shoes, or has a hat or glove slid onto its arms, and distributes odor-controlling ozone throughout. The ozone created by the Odor Eliminator readily bonds to scent molecules and neutralizes them for wonderful scent control. Runs on 4 C batteries (not included) or 110/120V. Meets EPA and OSHA standards.Manufacturer model #: M14. - $69.99


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